Subsidiarity | Innovation | Transparency

Throughout the world there are many different beliefs. Some rooted in age old mysticism, some fairly new. All of them have one thing in common, the adherence of the believer to the belief is predicated on the believer benefitting from the belief. This may sound strange when you consideration such beliefs as persecution complex, but even with persecution complex the belief that someone is intending to harm you satisfies your need for affirmation, that is that you are worth someone's time spent on planning to harm you. 3i does not sell delusions as part of its Clone Programming offerings, but 3i does recognise that people believe things, whether founded in fact or in fiction. This wesbite is dedicated to proliferating beliefs which are not harmful and which do not propagate hate in any form whatsoever.

Live Your Belief

All too often people Believe things that have been handed down to them intergenerationally without deciding for themselves what they actually want to Believe. This often leads to half-hearted Belief and in some cases resentment of Belief with Believers feeling trapped in a Belief they cannot escape. 3i encourages everyone to Live Their Belief by choosing their Belief for themselves and investing their energies into fully comprehending the actual nature of their chosen Belief. This will manifest as populations that Believe with enthusiasm and vigour.

What about fervent-Believers?

Some people are fastidious about their Beliefs and want to know as much as possible about their Beliefs. 3i encourages this search for knowledge and hopes that all Believers will become inclined to delve into the details of their chosen Belief and also to question the principles of their chosen Belief.

What about non-Believers?

Some people do not Believe anything and that is perfectly acceptable. 3i is not forcing you to choose a Belief, 3i is not even saying that having a Belief is better than not having a Belief. What 3i is saying is that if you choose to Believe, then choose your Belief for yourself based on your own cognition.


Belief as a Tool of Crime

Some criminals make people Believe things that are not true or that are misleading in order to use the Believer to commit crimes. 3i denounces this sort of behaviour and holds that because people are not robots they cannot be simply programmed and let loose on society with malevolent intentions underlying their motives. None of the Beliefs chosen by 3i for inclusion in our Inventory are criminal in nature, and none will result in the Believers becoming victims of crime or in becoming accessories to crime. 3i is certain that the systems used by criminals to instill false Belief are inferior to 3i's Clone Programming Systems.


What do 3i's Beliefs cost?

At just R64.00 ZAR per Belief per person for life, 3i Beliefs are 3i's cheapest Clone Programming offering. 3i has embarked on this venture because Clone Programming is expensive and because people just want to Believe in a better future. This is an untested market for 3i as 3i usually programs populations en masse, but through careful consideration and with 3i providing certainty, it is possible for 3i Beliefs to be the solution to the problems that humanity encounters. Imagine being able to rid yourself of Beliefs that negatively impact your life, now imagine being able to choose your own Belief for yourself with certainty. It is incomprehensible for anyone to refuse this opportunity. Please feel free to browse our Inventory of Beliefs and choose one that best suits you, your personality, your brand, your message and your business. After all 3i wants you to prosper as a result of your chosen Belief.


About 3i Beliefs

3i Beliefs are guaranteed to be factually true, to be free from harm and to not propagate hate in any form whatsoever. 3i will not supply 3i Beliefs to anyone who intends to use 3i Beliefs for malicious purposes. 3i stands by its principles of Subsidiarity | Innovation | Transparency and will never deviate from this course.


As the market leader in Clone Programming, 3i ensures the Quality of all 3i Beliefs. Quality of Belief is the standard by which a Belief can be judged to be free from harm and hate.


As the market leader in Microelectronic Device Development and Genetic Engineering Development, 3i ensures the Certainty of all 3i Beliefs.


As the market leader in Clone Making, 3i ensures the Integrity of all 3i Beliefs. Integrity of Belief is the standard by which a Belief can be judged to be factually true.


There are many alternatives to 3i Beliefs but none grounded in as an expansive Clone Programming System as 3i has in use. You are urged to choose your own Belief and experience the life enhancement that it will provide. After all, if you don't like your chosen Belief, 3i will simply remove it and you can choose another Belief.